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Maybe a contact page would help?

So I recently said I was going to think about creating a blog if I could think of anything interesting to talk about, or more importantly, find the time! Well, Murphy has taken care of the latter for a couple weeks lol!  A huge thanks to all the clients preventing me from sleep for a while now.  Cheers!

That said, I was asked for my contact info the other day while buried in a shoot, and he said never mind, I'll find you on the web.  I said "cool" and gave him the website name to search.

That night I had occasion to check the site and realized I have no contact info on the site!  OK, fixed...   I have added a contact form.  This leads to a question.  Is that too much work?  Do I need to put my email address and my phone number on the site?  I hate to make it so easy for the robots and spammers. I think a bit of research is in order here...